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Studio apartment-Studio on the second floor

Studio apartment-Stu...

YaltaKastropil' 33

Rooms: 1 Guests: 3

from the 480.00 UAH/24h

One bedroom on the street Botkin, house 3

One bedroom on the s...

Yaltaулица Боткинская 3

Rooms: 2 Guests: 5

from the 960.00 UAH/24h

For rent first floor of the house in kastropole

For rent first floor...

YaltaKastropil' 33

Rooms: 2 Guests: 5

from the 960.00 UAH/24h

For rent detached house in kastropole

For rent detached ho...

YaltaKastropil' 30

Rooms: 2 Guests: 6

from the 864.00 UAH/24h

Rent Studio apartment in kastropole

Rent Studio apartmen...

YaltaKastropil' 33

Rooms: 1 Guests: 2

from the 480.00 UAH/24h

The third floor of the house,whose Windows offer a gorgeous panorama

The third floor of t...

YaltaKastropil' 33

Rooms: 2 Guests: 5

from the 960.00 UAH/24h

2 bedroom, Sverdlova str., 4

2 bedroom, Sverdlova...

Yaltapereulok Sverdlova 4

Rooms: 2 Guests: 6

from the 1440.00 UAH/24h

To rent an apartment in Yalta, in the long term.

To rent an apartment...

Yaltaулица Загородная 15

Rooms: 1 Guests: 1

from the 1680.00 UAH/24h

Apartments in a luxury house

Apartments in a luxu...

Yaltaулица Загородная

Rooms: 1 Guests: 2

from the 1920.00 UAH/24h

To remove Yalta holiday apartment

To remove Yalta holi...

Yaltaулица Загородная 17

Rooms: 1 Guests: 3

from the 2064.00 UAH/24h

Yalta on Aday.com.ua: city discovery for travelers

About Crimean pearl - Yalta - a lot is known. It attracts travelers not only a warm sea, but also a huge number of attractions. Going here with your family or friends will always be a great idea.

However, the first thing you should do - to book an apartment in Yalta at night. And to live in a cozy apartment, it is advisable to book in advance to make. If you are in search of decent housing at night, be sure to pay attention to the online resource Aday.com.ua.

Aday On site there are options of apartments, which will be attractive to you on all parameters: low cost, interesting interior, rent from the owners. And when you manage to pull off a good apartment, it's time to reflect on what attractions to visit in Yalta.

Five main sights of Yalta and apartment rent in Yalta

  • 1. Swallow's Nest. On the architectural construction at the Aurora cliff there are many legends, and this place - one of the most visited by tourists. Even if you go to Yalta is not on vacation and business trip, do not miss the chance to visit the Swallow's Nest.
  • 2. Vorontsov Palace. The beautiful architecture of the palace and cozy park in close proximity to the attractions attract travelers. By the way, you can rent a cozy apartment in the Vorontsov Palace area there are a lot of interesting proposals for the lease.
  • 3. The Church of the Resurrection of Christ. The majestic church in the Byzantine style, rises 427 meters above the sea and is interesting not only as a temple, but also as an excellent observation deck. By the way, be sure to rent a house for rent in the area of ​​the church.
  • 4. Ai-Petri. This plateau is ideal for lovers of skiing and beautiful species from a great height. To relax on the Ai-Petri, make advance reservation at the hotel or apartment with daily living.
  • 5. Livadia Palace. Another pearl of Yalta, attracting the eyes of millions of tourists. Beautiful architecture, a large park and an interesting museum exhibits hardly leave you indifferent. By the way, rent an apartment in Yalta without intermediaries in this area will be a wonderful option.

Things to know when renting an apartment for a day?

Note that typing in a search engine query "apartments in Yalta," or "rent a house in the capital", you will find a large number of worthy proposals. If you want to save money and find affordable apartments as your budget is tight, try to book accommodation in advance: so you will be able to rent an apartment cheaper.

Do not rush to rent accommodation in the city center: most likely, the options at a lower price will be in the sleeping areas. Also try to find an apartment without intermediaries, so you do not have to pay realtor commission.